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Parents and Carers Page

This page is meant entirely for parents and carers and we would love you to contribute, whether it is a funny story, your experiences with special needs children, a top tip, letter, joke, favourite recipe or place to visit or you just have a question about special needs you hope someone might be able to answer. Please email us at

We all know that as a Carer it is also very important to take care of yourself as well as your special needs child. If you are not in a fit state of health and mind yourself it makes it much more difficult to take care of your child. It is vital that you have some time to yourself, to pamper and treat yourself.If it is impossible to get a weekend away, even an hour to have lunch and a chat with a friend while the kids are at school, or a nice bubble bath after they have gone to bed works wonders. For men, a round of golf or going to watch a football match may do the trick. On the links below we have some suggestions of treats for you to try out and also some more traditional suggestions. We have also listed some useful websites for parents of children with special needs.

For Sale / Wanted

This section has been relocated to the parents and carers category to bring all the useful items together in one place. Please email us if you have any special needs equipment to add to this page. Items from wheelchairs to furniture and specialist safety equipment are all welcome to be included, although please note that Special Needs Kids does not endorse any of the items listed. Please contact the individual seller directly using the contact details provided.


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