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Treats for Parents and Carers

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This page is dedicated to providing ideas and suggestions of ways to treat yourself to maintain sanity and perspective! Treating yourself is very important to balance the stresses of everyday life and taking time out is as important as day to day tasks - you will never be able to continue providing the best care for your child when you're tired stressed and unhappy.

Treat Yourself Ideas & Suggestions

Try Afternoon Tea

Hotels and Cafes all over the UK have joined in with the revival of the traditional English afternoon tea. This treat doesn't take long, will feel indulgent without a huge price tag and might just be that escape you need! Arrange afternoon tea well in advance by arranging with a friend and making a booking to make sure you stick to it.

Go Zorbing!

Zorbing is the latest craze, where you get inside a blow up sphere and roll around! It may sound silly but it's a lot of fun and a great change from every day life! You'll laugh so much at how rediculous it is that you're bound to feel refreshed afterwards. Try finding your local Zorbing centre on search engines, prices are generally around £25/person.

Have a Massage

Relaxing and revitalising, massages are a great way to relieve tension in your body and an ideal occasional treat. Massages don't take too long and almost every beauty salon or hotel worldwide offers this service, making a massage a great treat for parents!

Start a Treat Fund

Saving even a few pounds every week towards your next treat can keep you motivated by keeping you thinking of new ways to indulge yourself. Try setting yourself a target that when you reach you'll treat yourself in any way you want and don't feel bad about setting aside a small amount of money as not being able to continue caring would be much more costly than the occasional treat.

If you have a special way you treat yourself or relax then let us know - we'd love to add your suggestions to this page!

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