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Disability Campaigns

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Disability campaigns and petitions that you may want to get involved in relating to disability issues and special needs will be highlighted here. If you would like to add a campaign that you are involved with then please email us and we will include the details.


Every Disabled Child Matters is a campaign to get rights and justice for every disabled child.

  • Only 1 in 13 families get support from social services
  • Disabled children are 13 times more likely to be excluded from school
  • 8 out of 10 families with disabled children say that they are at breaking point

The campaign believes that disabled children and their families should have the right to the services and support they need to live ordinary lives. Please visit to register your support

NEW campaign!

'FastForward' - Whizz-Kidz 

Young people's mobility charity Whizz-Kidz has launched a new national campaign, and they need your help to make it a success!

The Fast Forward (Click to view Website)  campaign is asking government to reform young people's wheelchair services - to make sure all disabled children in the UK can access the right mobility equipment as quickly and early as possible.

But they need your names to join the growing list of supporters who believe it's wrong to let kids wait a moment longer for the right start.

Please ask your families, friends, and colleagues to sign up BY CLICKING HERE TO JOIN THE CAMPAIGN

Spread the word!

Changing Places Changing Lives Campaign NEWS

Marwell Wildlife, a conservation charity, has opened the first ever ‘Changing Places’ accessible toilet in a UK zoological park.

The new toilet, designed, supplied and installed by ‘Changing Places’ campaign sponsor Total Hygiene, is also the 250th of its kind to be opened in the UK since the campaign began five years ago.

The new ‘Changing Places’ toilet, which was funded by the Aiming High scheme at Hampshire County Council, endorses Marwell’s commitment to being an accessible visitor attraction. Winchester Parent Voice Body chair Ray Daniel, whose son Matthew has cerebral palsy, campaigned for the toilet, “For us as a family, a Changing Places facility means we can be out for longer than four hours, and so spend the whole day at the zoological park. I found Marwell Wildlife very receptive to the need for a ‘Changing Places’ toilet and I am very impressed with the speed and enthusiasm that has led to this great facility.”

Larger than, and with additional equipment beyond, a conventional accessible toilet, a ‘Changing Places’ toilet caters for people who need the help of at least one carer to undertake basic personal hygiene: research shows a minimum ¼million people in the UK could enjoy a fuller life as a result of having such suitable toilets in ‘public’ locations.

The  ‘Changing Places’ toilet at Marwell includes the standard specification required for ‘Changing Places’ status of a minimum 12m2, height adjustable changing basin, hoist and washbasin.

Marwell’s new facility is one of the biggest ‘Changing Places’ toilets in the UK. Its opening marks a welcome addition to the four disabled toilet facilities already in the park. In South East England alone there is an estimated 31,355 people who require a ‘Changing Places’ toilet, yet there are only 23 currently available- of which six are in Hampshire.

James Cretney, Marwell Wildlife’s Chiefe Executive, said, “At Marwell Wildlife we take inclusion seriously and pride ourselves on being an accessible regional tourist attraction. Our new ‘Changing Places’ toilet will now allow a wider group of guests,who may have been unable to enjoy a visit to Marwell, to now come and enjoy the Park. We are especially grateful to the Aiming High team at Hampshire County Council who capital fund financed this project.”

To Find out more about the Changing Places - Changing Lives Campaign visit their WEBSITE

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