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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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Article by; Allied Mobility 2011

If your child uses a wheelchair, you may find a wheelchair accessible vehicle an indispensible part of your family life. In the UK, the Motability Car Scheme is a charitable enterprise that enables wheelchair users to use their Disability Living Allowance to fund the right vehicle to meet their needs - over 90% of those who purchase or lease a wheelchair accessible vehicle in the UK do so through Motability.

Wheelchair users have a unique set of needs when it comes to transport. If you've ever attempted to transport your child and their wheelchair in a regular vehicle you'll be well aware of the issues faced, both in accessing the vehicle and carrying the wheelchair.

Suppliers of wheelchair accessible vehicles convert appropriately-sized vehicles to be wheelchair accessible. Manufacturers use technology and some sophisticated solutions to solve the access uses that wheelchair users face with regular vehicles, including hoists and lifts, automatic ramps, adapted doors, and internal modifications.

Have an idea of your child's precise individual requirements before you approach a specialist manufacturer, there are a number of practical considerations and wide array of different styles and designs of vehicles. Search online to see examples of the many wheelchair access vehicles available. A home demonstration is a great way to get a feel the look and features of a particular vehicle, and compare it against your list of needs.

To qualify for the Motability Scheme, you must be receiving the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance, and have a minimum of 12 months allowance left. A specialist manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles will be able to assist you with your application for funding.

This article was provided by Allied Mobility, the UK's largest supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles through the Motability Car Scheme.

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