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This section provides guidance about choosing toys for special needs children and suggests some considerations that you may want to make note of before purchasing.

Toys for children with special needs do not need to always focus on a child's disability. With some modifications, special needs children can often play with the same toys as other children of a similar age, depending on their developmental ability. Toys for children with special needs should be safe, durable, versatile, challenging, and engaging. By following a few helpful suggestions, you can find the perfect toys for your little one.

Sights and Sounds

Often, children with developmental disabilities will also have sensory issues. Choose gifts that will stimulate their senses. Bells, whistles, and colorful lights are highly exciting to little ones. Toys that stimulate the imagination are also highly beneficial.

Versatility and Ease of Manipulation

Shop for toys that are easy to grasp. Can the child hold and manipulate it with ease? Is it versatile enough to meet the needs of any equipment the infant may have? Can it be postioned to attach to adaptive equipment such as a stander? There are many aspects to consider when selecting toys and equipment for special needs children.

Textures, Flavors, and Scents

Squishy balls and rattles for example come in a variety of shapes and different textures. Look for toys that encourage touching, feeling, smelling, and even tasting. It's important for the infant to be able to interact with the toy.

Play it Safe

Look for toys that don't have sharp edges or multiple pieces. Make certain that it is appropriately sized so the infant cannot swallow or choke on it. Is the toy washable?

For children with physical limitations look for the following features:

  • Solid construction that supports the body
  • Large buttons, levers, or handles that are easy to use
  • Rubber, non-slide bottoms are another important safety feature
  • Easy operation and maneuverability

Toys for children with hearing impairments should have: Amplified and/or adjustable volume

  • Varying sounds and vibrations
  • Lights and bold, contrasting colors to visually stimulate and maintain attention
  • Interesting textures that invite exploration
  • Scented parts

Important features in toys for children with visual impairments include:

  • Large or raised parts
  • Realistic and familiar sounds and objects
  • Easy-to-activate components
  • Differenct shapes and textures
  • Bright or bold colors
  • Distinct scents

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