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Bank Accounts For Busy Parents

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Informative Guide Provided By: Think Banking, March 2011

Having children takes up a lot of time and there are even more demands on parents with children who have special needs. Often parents find themselves wishing they had another pair of hands or more time to catch up on sleep. Managing your finances can be a struggle, too - keeping on top of your bills and making sure things get paid on time can be a real struggle for busy parents.

That's one reason Think Banking bank accounts can be a great help for busy parents. When your money comes into your account, we will take care of your most important bills first of all. We then put what's left over onto a 'Card Account', which you can spend without worrying about spending money you need for those essential bills.

It's a special 'budgeting account' and it's designed to give you peace of mind - as long as the money's there, you'll know the important bills are being taken care of, so you should have more free time to spend with the special people in your life.

Budgeting account

Our budgeting account comes with a team of friendly and helpful 'Money Managers' who are available to provide advice and help you manage your money. We can help with anything to do with your bank account. We can organise Direct Debits and standing orders and you can also contact us from your mobile to request SMS balance updates - free of charge (except for any standard charges from your mobile provider).

Whether you have a salary and/or receive benefits (such as Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits and Child Support) - our bank accounts simply require money to be paid in every month to meet the cost of your bills (mortgage / rent / utilities, etc.) before the available funds are put onto your Card Account.

Do you ever find yourself talking to the bank about charges for bounced payments? Do you find you are short of money at the end of the month? Would you like a budgeting account with professional help to keep track of your bills?

The set-up cost for this budgeting account is £25, then £14.50 every month (£30, then £19.50 per month for joint accounts). This might work out cheaper than bank charges you could accrue on some other accounts, depending on how your finances tend to work out.

If you find yourself looking for more time caring for the special people in your life, you might benefit from a budgeting account designed to take a lot of the stress out of managing your finances.

If you have any questions or want to speak with a money advisor at Think Banking,

Call: 0800 074 7772 or visit their website

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