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Special Needs Child

By AthenaCare 2012

Respite Care Case Study "Athena care explain why their care services provide excellent value for money"

Athena Care specialises in supporting children & young person’s with complex conditions at home, throughout the United Kingdom. We offer excellent value for money compared with care at a specialist residential unit or nursing care.

Our aim to those we support is simple….to provide the best possible care .This is achieved by focusing on the specific conditions we support and providing professional & responsive support to families when required.

All staff are employed, in order for Athena Care to deliver a quality assured, person centered service.

Our children & young person’s respite service is characterised by;

- Introductions to prospective support workers you select your own care team

- Assistance to develop, implement and regularly review your own support plan ensuring each child nor is young person always at the centre of decision making process

- Professional care management & care support that is tailored to specific condition and needs

- Investment in staff training and skills, which are unique to each person’s needs.

- A we can do approach that includes knowledge providing rehabilitation by our expert team of Psychologists, Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.

- Support to travel at home or abroad

A Case Study

Athena Care provides a regular respite service to a young boy diagnosed with quadriplegic dystonic spastic cerebral palsy who has non verbal communication and is wheelchair dependent. Feed is delivered via a peg, and administered through a pump. We provide support at home 24hrs a day and assist with transfers and personal care using equipment provided within the home environment.

Staff are fully trained to provide support that includes, flushing the PEG, following the feeding regime, setting the dose, rate, and monitoring the feed throughout the day & night, pausing where required. Training via the local NHS dietician and our own RGN’s, was focussed on a one to one basis ensuring staff fully understood the individual nature of the tasks required. We would always seek to ensure our staff undertake additional training that is specific to any one child or young person.

Staff work in partnership with the family to provide the care and support, involving them in the personal care, this relationship is built on trust and in this case was part of the family’s request to be included in the actual care delivered, for the family it was a key part of their interaction.

We also support with social activities, such as sailing, horse riding using appropriate equipment and in the home such as watching DVD’s, listening to support workers reading, and participating in physiotherapy tasks. We believe this type of focussed flexible care offers families excellent value for money.

For more information on children & young person’s services you can visit the Athenacare website

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