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All of the products and companies within this section of the special needs toys directory are from mainstream childrens toy suppliers rather than specialists for disability or special needs. To redirect to the specialist toy section please click here.

This section is designed to provide you with an overview of what toys are available that may be relevant or adaptable for the special needs child, such as sensory toys for children or safe soft play toys.

Special Needs Kids does not directly endorse any of the products included within this section, although every effort is made to ensure that the items shown are relevant for children with special needs or disabilities.

Jolly Bambini Banner

Jolly Bambini are a family run internet business selling children's and babies toys and accessories. They have a strong background in Special Needs education and so mainly focus on equipment catering for children and babies with specific needs. They have many more toys and games on their own website, although if you can't see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact them.

Here are a selection of their products, which you can purchase by clicking the links to go straight to the Jolly Bambini website (Don't forget to mention you found them through Special Needs Kids when ordering!)

Childrens Duck Mirror Frog Mirror Childrens Soft Play Mat
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This soft play acrylic duck mirror has a yellow foam surround & when bent your child's reflection will become fat or thin!Great for bathtimes & soft play areas This soft play acrylic frog mirror has a green foam surround, and when bent your child's reflection will become fat or thin! Great for bathtimes & soft play areas These soft play mats are great as they can be fitted together to cover a large area of either floor or wall, to ensure your children are safe while they play.
Kids Soft Play Special Needs Play Tunnel Childrens Projector
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A fun grey elephant slide for soft play areas either in the home or a school setting. The brightly coloured sections of our indoor or outdoor activity play tunnel enable it to be built in different ways. A great piece of equipment for stimulating social interaction, group play and co-ordination. Effect Projectors have been standard equipment in sensory rooms for a long time. They create interest, colour & movement in any sized room.
Childrens Soft Play Ride on Tiger Soft Play With Mirrors
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These acrylic mirrors are ideal for use in sensory rooms, soft play rooms or for use at home.They are tough, shatterproof , functional and fun besides being easy to keep clean! Let your children imagine they are on a jungle adventure with our ride on tiger toys. They can be ridden, pushed, pulled and adored for years to come... These ride on tiger toys will stimulate your child's imagination. A great piece of soft play equipment suitable for the home or school environment. There are 4 large, 80cm square colourful soft play panels, one plain and 3 with removable acrylic mirrors to make a house of mirrors or a triangular tent.
Sensory Light Panels Sensory Mirror Ball Sensory Jelly Fibres
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This sensory light box is a portable piece of equipment ideal for a sensory room. The use of mirrors creates a floating, infinite stream of rosettes surrounded by lots of colour changing fibres. This 30cm sensory mirror ball comes complete with motor. An ideal focal point in your sensory room. This jelly fibre harness is the brightest we have come across! The solid side light fibre is very flexible and safe to handle. This sensory jelly fibre comes in different lengths and strand size.

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